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Save the Date - Thursday, July 6, 2017

Okanagan, are you ready? Le Dîner en Blanc returns to the Okanagan for its fifth consecutive year!

Mark your calendar! Thursday, July 6, 2017 
Get in the spirit of our Fifth Anniversary and watch our video.

The annual secret affair promises another unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty, and magic as it takes over an iconic location for food, fun, celebration, and dancing set against the city skyline! If you attended as a member last year, you will receive an invitation in Phase 1.  

Please note that your guest from last year is not member, so if he/she is not accompanying you this year, you have the option to sponsor him/her, or another friend or family member, which ensures that they will be invited during Phase 2.

How to sponsor someone: When you process your registration, you will have the option to sponsor someone, who will then receive their own invitation to register in Phase 2. This does not happen UNTIL you have confirmed your registration.

If you've not attended prevously or came as a guest and want your own invitation, register on our Waiting List or Phase 3.  As part of the waiting list, you will want to make sure that you do not to miss your chance to take part in the event when Phase 3 opens.

If you would like to share this experience with other friends, family and colleagues, please have them sign up for the waiting list by simply clicking on:

Join us for this milestone event!

Au plaisir, 

Le Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan Team


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Harriet M.
3 year ago
I did find the code and while I was filling out the invitation I tried to reset my password. It said I wasn't a member yet and then it said phase 1 was closed. I was almost finished filling out the registration but had to find my friends address. Then I couldn't get back on. Please help, already have bought my new table and chairs and am so excited for this year. Thanks and sorry for the hassle. Harriet
Christina F.
Hi Harriet. I just sent you an email with instructions to get registered this morning.
Patricia M.
3 year ago
Still can't register and l'm in phase one. Says phase is closed
Christina F.
Hi Patricia. We see that you registered as an absent member. Is that what you were wanting to do?
Harriet M.
3 year ago
I'm returning from last year but don't have my invitation code with this e-mail. Will it be sent on an e-mail tomorrow morning?
Christina F.
Hi Harriet. Our records show that your invitation was sent at 11am yesterday. Did you change email addresses since last year? Did you check your spam mailbox?
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