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Worldwide epicurean phenomenon Dîner en Blanc® arrives in the Okanagan this summer!

Worldwide epicurean phenomenon Dîner en BlancÒ arrives in the Okanagan this summer!
More than 800 guests are expected to participate in the Okanagan’s first ‘official’ edition of Dîner en Blanc
Kelowna, May 21, 2013 – From global phenomenon to highly sought-after “secret,” Dîner en Blanc will take over Kelowna’s public space for the first time this summer on July 4, 2013. This très chic picnic, imported from Paris, is equal parts mystery tour, pop-up feast and je ne sais quoi.
Last year’s unofficial edition saw 200 people gather at­­­­ Kelowna’s waterfront for a memorable soirée. This year, over 800 foodies and cultural enthusiasts dressed in white will descend on a secret location that will be revealed to them at the very last minute for an unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty and magic.
True to tradition, bystanders will witness groups of 100 to 300 people gather at specific rallying points all across the city. These groups will then converge on one of the most beautiful settings in the city, either on foot or by other means of transportation. Everyone is asked to dress elegantly in white, from head to toe, bring their own epicurean feasts, tables, chairs, fine china, silverware and white tablecloth. Over the course of the evening, the diners eat and celebrate amid live music, dancing, complete with festive white balloons. Visually breathtaking moments include the waving of a cloth napkin to mark the beginning of the dinner, as well as the lighting of sparklers to let participants know they are now free to circulate, mingle and dance. When it is time to leave, guests pack up their crystal, dinnerware and tables, pick up all their litter and head into the night, leaving behind no sign of their elegant revelry.
About Dîner en Blanc in the Okanagan
“After the success of last years White Dinner, we know the Okanagan is ready to outdo themselves for this year’s Dîner en Blanc. Now that people know what to expect, we imagine that even more effort will be put into preparing an amazing meal, a show-stopping floral centerpiece or an elegant head to toe outfit,” says Christina Ferreira, co-organizer of the Okanagan Dîner en Blanc.
Christina Ferreira of Impact Events has over 12 years in event management including 10 years with the Wine Festivals Society and Alison Love, Spatula Media + Communications has been working in the restaurant, food and wine industry in the Okanagan Valley for over a decade. Together, they hope to make this first official edition a success, that will continue to pave the way to establishing a long-standing tradition.
We felt the Okanagan was primed for such a fantastic, unique event as we continue to establish the valley as a culinary destination and we can’t wait to share the magic of Dîner en Blanc with everyone” informs Alison Love co-organizer of the Okanagan Dîner en Blanc.
 About Dîner en Blanc
The worldwide phenomenon known as Dîner en Blanc will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year!  Launched by François Pasquier and a handful of friends in 1988, the Paris Dîner en Blanc now attracts more than 10,000 people each year. What began as a “friends and word-of-mouth only” event has grown into an international epicurean phenomenon on five continents. While the technology behind the event may have changed over the years, the principles fuelling this fantastic event have not: diners continue to gather at a secret location for the sole purpose of sharing a high-quality meal with good friends in one of their city’s most beautiful locations. Dîner en Blanc International, based in Montreal, is responsible for developing this secret posh picnic in over 40 cities by the end of 2013. Each event is headed by passionate local organizers who fell in love with the concept and wanted to bring it to their city, giving this rendezvous a local flair.

What are the key rules of the event?
  • Dîner en Blanc is quite different from other special events. The seating layout on the public site is very specific and the site chosen is typically in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, where diners can “see and be seen.”
  • In order to participate, guests must be invited by a member from the previous year or get on the official website’s waiting list.
  • Once confirmed, each guest’s participation becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions, as the event goes ahead rain or shine.
  • Colour of attire and table setting: white only. 
  • Participants arrive and depart by chartered bus or organized public transit.
  • Guests leave with their belongings, leftovers and litter, leaving the place as clean as it was when they arrived.
 What must guests bring?
  • A table, two (white) chairs.
  • A picnic basket comprising quality menu items and a china dinner service including proper stemware and flatware.  For those that don’t want to pack a picnic basket, we will have the option of ordering a basket when you receive you invitation
  • Due to BC liquor laws, no alcohol can be brought to the secret location, however we will have wine available to order when you receive your invitation
  • Participants must wear white and be dressed elegantly.
  • Originality is encouraged as long as it is stylish and tasteful.
 To better understand the reasoning behind event’s rules and regulations, we encourage you to visit the official website and Facebook page to view images and videos from last year’s events.
Those interested in joining Dîner en Blanc’s guests in the Okanagan are encouraged to sign up quickly via since space is limited.
For photos or videos of Dîner en Blanc events from around the world, go to, select the city you wish to view and click on the media tab in the top right corner.

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