Diner en Blanc welcomes 600 guests in Kelowna

Posted by Alison Love on July 08, 2013 | 1 comment

The global phenomenon, Dîner en Blanc, was a tremendous success last Thursday in Kelowna’s signature City Park.  Almost 600 people attended the Okanagan’s first edition of the secret event that has become famous worldwide for its spectacular visuals of guests dressed in white from head to toe.   “Our dream was to bring a unique culinary experience to the Okanagan while continuing to establish the Okanagan as a culinary destination. Diner en Blanc Okanagan was the realization of that dream,” says Diner en Blanc Okanagan co-host Alison Love. “This international event was literally a traffic stopper in downtown Kelowna on Thursday night and put us...

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The Style of Diner en Blanc Okanagan

Posted by Alison Love on June 28, 2013 | 0 comment

When the worldwide phenomenon Diner en Blanc arrives in the Okanagan this summer, it presents a unique opportunity to wear white head to toe while being part of something magical.   Described as a secret ‘pop-up picnic’ Diner en Blanc Okanagan will see hundreds of guests descend upon a public location in the valley; all wearing white, and carrying fully packed picnic baskets.  The outfits are as important as the food and fun during this unique experiential event.  Unlike stuffy dinner parties, Dîner en Blanc encourages the social aspect of a community dinner party while creating camaraderie with the dress code and creativity with the menu selection.  ...

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Worldwide epicurean phenomenon Dîner en Blanc® arrives in the Okanagan this summer!

Posted by Alison Love on May 21, 2013 | 0 comment

Worldwide epicurean phenomenon Dîner en BlancÒ arrives in the Okanagan this summer! More than 800 guests are expected to participate in the Okanagan’s first ‘official’ edition of Dîner en Blanc   Kelowna, May 21, 2013 – From global phenomenon to highly sought-after “secret,” Dîner en Blanc will take over Kelowna’s public space for the first time this summer on July 4, 2013. This très chic picnic, imported from Paris, is equal parts mystery tour, pop-up feast and je ne sais quoi. Last year’s unofficial edition saw 200 people gather at­­­­ Kelowna’s waterfront for a memorable soir...

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Le Dîner en Blanc celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Posted by Sandy Safi on May 20, 2013 | 0 comment

Le Diner en Blanc, the worldwide epicurean phenomenon, is now celebrating its 25th anniversary! Launched by François Pasquier and his close friends 25 years ago, Paris’ Dîner en Blanc now brings together over 10,000 people each year in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the French capital.   In the summer of 1988, Pasquier had just returned to Paris after a few years abroad and held a dinner party to reconnect with friends. So many wished to attend that he asked them to convene at Bois de Boulogne dressed in white, so as to be recognizable to one another. Each attendee was also asked to bring a friend. The evening was such a hit that guests wanted ...

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Le Dîner en Blanc welcomes Okanagan Valley

Posted by DEB-Okanagan on May 19, 2013 | 0 comment

Dîner en Blanc welcomes the Okanagan Valley! In 2013 the Okanagan Valley will hold its’ first official Le Dîner en Blanc.  We are pleased to be added to the list of cities around the world (and only eight in Canada) enjoying this spectacular evening. As your hosts we are excited to be able to bring this unique magical evening to the Okanagan to share with all an experience that seems quite like a dream. We are working on all details for our 2013 Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan Valley and are excited for the evening where we will all enjoy an incredible evening in one of the Okanagan’s most enjoyable public spaces. If you would like to attend the 2013 ...

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